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Let the new Flying Koi contest begin~!!


Flying Koi Chinese New Year Valentine's!

This year, the Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day!
It's the Year of the Tiger! (In other words, MY year!)
It's been so long since I hosted a contest... I think this is the best time :D
Only characters from the manga Flying Koi are allowed.


Winners may choose ONE of the following:
1st Place:
12 month DA subscription OR $25
Manga Studio Debut 4

2nd Place:
3 month DA subscription
commission from me worth $25

Viewer's Choice:
3 month DA subscription
commission from me worth $25

March 31st

1. Do anything involving Chinese New Year combined with Valentine's Day and the characters from Flying Koi.
2. GirlxGirl and BoyxBoy IS ALLOWED.
3. Any pairing IS ALLOWED.
4. You may submit up to 3 entries.
5. Can be serious or comedic :D
6. Must be done in your own art style!
7. Doesn't have to be romantic.
8. Doesn't have to have involve a couple.

Flying Koi is right here -> http://flyingkoi.smackjeeves.com


1. 1st place will be the over-all best because that's who deserves to win.
2. 2nd place will be the entry that stands out most to me. You don't have to be a professional artist to win 2nd place. It goes to the most creative.
3. Viewer's choice is based on viewer's votes. Only the votes from my watchers count so nobody can cheat.
4. You will be graded on creativity, outfits, effort, and character accuracy.
This means the characters must be in character... Tsuru can't be a tomboy for example.
You should remember key design points, like the mole on Maiko's face....

How to Enter:
Draw the picture following the guidelines, then upload it to your DA account. When it's been uploaded, send me a note so I know to add it to the entries! :3
If you don't have a DA account, post it on photobucket.com and PM me the link here on SmackJeeves.

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