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Okay guys, let's let the 'Viewer's Choice' voting for the contest begin while I sort these into the finalist entries for the judges to judge 8D

-Send your vote in a SmackJeeves PM (if you want to vote on DA, then include your SJ username)!
-Vote for your 1-3 favorite drawings.
-Make sure you look at ALL the entries before voting!
-Participants CAN vote, but not for themselves!

Voting will last for about a week. The finalist selections will come sooner than that.
Please vote! ^.^ And make sure you view each entry... full-view always looks better than thumbs!

YOU CAN FIND THE ENTRIES HERE: http://flynfreako.deviantart.com/journal/31514668/

Votes from unregistered people and/or non-watchers will be disregarded to keep people from cheating by having their friends vote for them :D
Sorry to the people who read, but don't have a SJ account >.<;

posted by flynfreako @ April 11th, 2010, 1:19 pm  -  0 Comments

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